Rehabilitation is dedicated to improving, maintaining or restoring your physical strength and mobility for maximum results. Physiotherapy for rehabilitation will help you gain physical independence after illness injury or surgery.

The following are just some examples of conditions that may require rehabilitation:


Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy treatment that is specifically conducted in a heated pool.

In a pool pressure on the body is reduced and in turn this enhancing balance, improving swelling, relieve pain, promote relaxation, mobilise joints, strengthen muscles, develop balance and coordination, and improve general fitness.
The following is a list of the therapeutic benefits of Hydrotherapy & exercise in warm water

  • Decreased pain due to warmth and support
  • Enhanced balance and stabilisation
  • Gravity is countered by buoyancy
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance due to the greater resistance in water
  • Improvement in swelling, due to hydrostatic pressure
  • Improved enjoyment and confidence to move better
  • Muscular relaxation and decreased muscle spasm

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